Intercountry adoption

What to do if you are interested in adopting a child from a specific country

There are many different reasons why you might consider adopting a child from a specific country – maybe you have relatives there and wish to adopt a child from your extended family or you may have seen publicity about children in a particular country who appear abandoned and orphaned. Whatever your reasons, you will need to be aware of what inter-country adoption entails.

Legal and practical arrangements for inter-country adoption are complicated and much depends on the country from which you choose to adopt. The Department for Education has a Guide to Intercountry Adoption. You can find out more from The Department for Education web site.

South Gloucestershire Council has a contract with PACT (Parents and Children Together) to undertake assessments of inter-country adoption applicants, for which a fee is payable by the applicants to PACT.

You will also incur costs in the country of origin for translations, legal costs, travel etc.

Please note however that payments for genuine expenses are acceptable under UK Law but it is not acceptable to make payments to an intermediary or to the parents of the child to persuade them to give the child up for adoption.

If you would like further information about inter-country adoption please contact PACT direct on Freephone: 0800 731 1845, Telephone: 0118 938 7600 Email: info@pactcharity.org.

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Contact South Gloucestershire Council's adoption team on
01454 866088


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