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If superfast broadband is not yet available in your area, there are alternatives that you could use to improve your current broadband speed in the meantime.

If your download speed is 2Mbps or lower, then you might consider applying to the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme.

4G Mobile

4G Mobile broadband is increasingly available in South Gloucestershire as the mobile network operators expand and improve their networks. 4G Mobile doesn’t require a landline and the reliability of the connection will depend on the strength of the signal in your area. To check availability use Ofcom’s mobile coverage checker.

Suppliers include

  • 3
  • EE
  • O2
  • Vodafone

For more information visit

Fixed Wireless

Wireless broadband is provided using radio waves sent from masts or relays. It relies on line-of-sight from the mast to your property, so you will need to check with a supplier to confirm availability. If there is no service, most providers encourage communities to register interest so that the operator can measure demand for their services.

Suppliers include


Satellite broadband is the most widely available alternative solution accessible nearly everywhere in the county. It uses a satellite dish to provide two-way access to broadband services.

For more information visit the think broadband website.

Suppliers include

Community led projects

A community led project working in partnership with a selected supplier could potentially bring fibre to the hardest to reach communities in South Gloucestershire. This means communities that aren’t part of any other high-speed fibre broadband roll out project can consider funding the installation of fibre broadband themselves.

Delivering fibre to the hardest to reach communities is a huge challenge. In rural areas deployment often faces long distances and challenging terrain. For urban areas there is the added complexity of working in busy streets with limited space for the new network.

In recent years a number of communities, both urban and rural, have successfully improved broadband access in their local area. In order to build on the success they are now helping other community groups to access and benefit from potential models, case studies, guidance and funding options relevant to local broadband projects.

The development of a local broadband project must address a wide range of issues. To assist this, a three stage approach has been set out

  • check requirement
  • agree approach
  • local action

For more information on community led schemes visit the GOV UK website.

Examples of suppliers include


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