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The first step is to use the Openreach postcode checker to see what speeds are available in your area. If your postcode is ‘Accepting Superfast Orders’ it’s good news, call your chosen Internet Service Provider to see what packages are available.

If your property isn’t yet connected to fibre, don’t worry, you have options.

Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme

If you have download speeds of less than 2Mbps, the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme provides support towards the cost of the installation of a broadband connection so that a basic broadband service can be purchased for a first year cost of no more than £400. More >


Satellite broadband is the most widely available alternative solution accessible nearly everywhere in South Gloucestershire. It uses a satellite dish to provide two-way access to broadband services.

For more information visit the think broadband website.

4G Mobile

4G Mobile doesn’t require a landline, but the reliability of the connection will depend on the strength of the signal in your area. Use Ofcom’s mobile coverage checker to check availability.

4G home broadband solution

EE, part of BT Group have unveiled a new 4G home broadband solution which could connect 580,000 homes across the UK, especially those in rural areas that are currently only able to access broadband slower than 10Mbps. Additionally, Broadband Shack can provide superfast 4G rural broadband for home and business.

Read more >

Fixed Wireless

Wireless broadband relies on line-of-sight from the mast to your property, so you will need to check with a supplier to confirm availability. If there is no service, most providers encourage communities to register interest so that the operator can measure demand for their services.

Suppliers include Airband, Digital Unity and YoNET.

Community led projects

Communities which aren’t part of any other high-speed fibre broadband roll out project can consider funding the installation of fibre broadband themselves. For more information on community led schemes visit the GOV.UK website.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

The government has launched a new nationwide Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which aims to provide vouchers worth up to £3,000 for small and medium businesses or £500 to individual householders to help them with the costs of connecting to “full fibre” broadband. More >

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