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The second part of the extended phase two Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) build began in April 2017. The communities that are currently planned to be included in the build are listed below. Please note that dates and coverage are subject to change depending on the outcomes of the physical planning and surveying work undertaken by Openreach.


  • these dates are subject to change depending on the outcomes of the physical planning and surveying work undertaken by Openreach
  • not all premises within the same postcode area may be updated. This is because some postcodes may be served by more than one infrastructure, and it may be that not all of the infrastructure has been or will be upgraded

Codrington – July, August, September 2017

Cromhall – October, November, December 2017

Dyrham – October, November, December 2017

Elberton – October, November, December 2017

Hill – October, November, December 2017

Hinton – October, November, December 2017

Littleton Upon Severn – October, November, December 2017

Oldbury on Severn – April, May, June 2017

Totteroak – October, November, December 2017

Tytherington – April, May, June 2017

West Littleton – October, November, December 2017

The original phase two SEP build is now complete. As part of this build, approximately 3,150 homes were upgraded to fibre broadband against a target of 2,900, so an over-build of approximately 250 premises. This is fantastic news for the homes and businesses across South Gloucestershire who now have access to a faster, more reliable broadband connection.

South Gloucestershire Council has successfully secured a further £4.39 million of funding through BDUK, the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and accelerated gainshare (based on take-up from our phase one contract with BT) to further extend broadband coverage to even more communities across South Gloucestershire.

Following the detailed analysis of three available investment options, we have made the decision to invest a further £1.49m into phase two SEP through a change control, and the remaining c£2.9m to be invested through an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) procurement. For more information on our investment options, see the Director’s decision report (May 2016).

In November 2015, South Gloucestershire Council announced it investing an additional £1.49 million into phase two SEP. Thousands of homes and businesses are already benefiting from both first and second phases of the roll out. This addition investment will not only enable us to meet the Central Government national target of providing 95% superfast coverage by the end of 2017, but will exceed this target with the expectation of providing at least 96% coverage.

In March 2015, South Gloucestershire Council announced the contract to provide superfast broadband for South Gloucestershire was awarded to British Telecom (BT).

  • nationally, the Government set a target to achieve 95% superfast broadband coverage by December 2017
  • the majority of premises will enjoy speeds above 24Mbps (megabits per second), and up to 80Mbps (megabits per second)
  • other premises will see a significant improvement in broadband speeds and enjoy better broadband performance