Could you care for Nancy?

My Name is Nancy and I am 15.

I have to tell you that I am very confused and sad. More than anything I want to live with my mum, or my dad but the thing is that they both have their own lives now and I don’t really fit into them – at all. They think I am a nuisance and cause trouble wherever I go. Maybe I do … a bit? But I just want them to be there for me and love me. I am sure they do. They are just busy with their own lives and stressed – they do really …. care don’t they? Yes they do, I know they do – they just can’t see me because they are really, really busy with my little brothers and sisters. Kids can be hard work. I want to work with kids when I’m older – I’ll make sure that they know that I care about them. I will!

The thing is I get very down sometimes and I hurt myself – not very badly. I am in this kind of pain and it makes me feel really ill. I get headaches and feel sick and dizzy. I feel better when I can forget about my life. I like being out with my friends but I haven’t got many. They have all got their own issues and they are busy. I have a boyfriend – he’s really nice and I like spending time with him. He’s got a nice family and that reminds me of me – what is missing in my life.

I like art and hair and beauty. I don’t really like talking to people and I have to force myself most of the time. They ask too many questions – all the time. And, at school I just feel really anxious so I can’t go to all the lessons but the teachers are nice – most of them.

I really want to live in a family but I am scared that they won’t want me when they know what I’m like. I often want to run away before I’m sent away. I wish I could find people who understand what my life is like for me and be there for me.

I want to live in Bristol so can feel close to my mum and dad and boyfriend, I worry if I am not too close they might forget me which sometimes makes me feel sad inside. I would like to find a family to live with until I am ready to live on my own or go back to live with my family which may happen at some point, although not sure when that will be.

We are looking for foster carers who have experience of caring for teenagers in the South Gloucestershire/Bristol area for this young person who has had a very difficult time and for them to recognise her potential. In return we can offer an excellent support package.

If you feel that you might be able to offer a place for a young person please either make direct contact or ask your supervising social worker or you agency’s placements’ team to call us for a discussion.

Direct any enquiries to either Sandra or Tracey on 07768 173812 or contact

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