Copyright guidance for the contributor

Through providing information for the South Gloucestershire WW1 memorials web site, individuals and organisations are giving South Gloucestershire Council permission to publish edited versions of these in the public domain.

Any information published on this web site by a member of the public or an organisation, needs to have copyright permission; the responsibility for checking permission rests with the individual or organisation providing the information.

To ensure they do not infringe copyright, all contributors are required to confirm that they are the copyright holder, or have permission from the copyright holder for all the information, images or other attachments that they are sharing.

The project asks all contributors to provide a contact email address of an organisation (this will not be published), in the event that there is a query over copyright. The individual should seek to ensure that all files are kept with the organisation in case of a copyright query if there is any doubt about copyright ownership, the contribution will not be added to the website.

The South Gloucestershire WW1 memorials web site also operates a take-down policy and will remove any records that are found to be in breach of copyright, on notification by the copyright holder.

Copyright guidance for users

All material provided on the WW1 memorials web site is protected by copyright, and duplication or sale of all or part of any of it is not permitted, for your personal research use or educational purposes in electronic or print form.

Permission for any other use must be obtained from the relevant copyright holder as defined in the individual record or image within the database.

Electronic or print copies may not be offered, whether for sale or otherwise, to any third party.

Every reasonable effort has been taken to identify copyright owners and to obtain a licensed agreement to use the material. However, material for this web site has come from a variety of sources and voluntary local enthusiasts have undertaken some of the research. While we endeavour to make sure that all of the material is fully acknowledged and copyright permissions secured, we cannot guarantee this.

If any person wishes to claim copyright to any material used, they should contact the copyright holder and/or, and, upon agreement, arrange for a licence to be drawn up or have the material removed.

If you use the information in any publication the following text should be used as an acknowledgement: “The information used in this article was obtained from the South Gloucestershire Council War memorials website:”

Additional resources

You can find a useful introduction to copyright at Copyright Bites.

Further information can be found here:

Credits and contact

This website was organised and designed by South Gloucestershire Council staff as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund funded South Gloucestershire and the First World War Project. The text and images have been added by staff based on information provided by community groups or individuals who are responsible for acquiring copyright permissions for their contributions. The organisations and individuals contributing information are acknowledged on each record and image.

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