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These are just some of the stories from people who have gone from not doing activity to working on their healthy lifestyle. If you would like to share your story with us please do get in touch.


Kelly was referred to by her physio. From not paying attention to how bad the food she was eating was and being very inactive with no motivation, Kelly has now lost 2 stone since February.

"I feel much happier and more confident. I have more energy and my skin and hair has improved massively. I also have more understanding about nutrition."

Kelly also had Osteoarthritis in my hips, caused by hip impingement which is seeing improvement from being conscious of what she eats and exercising 3-4 times a week/trying to move more throughout the day.

"No one can change the things you are unhappy about except for YOU! I was so nervous about joining the gym and I felt really self-conscious, but everyone at the gym have made me feel so comfortable. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for them.

Don’t think about it JUST DO IT! It’s a lifestyle change."


Back in September, Paula used her gym & swim voucher at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, because she was unhappy with her fitness level and shape. Thanks to regular exercise such as her weekly aqua fit class (and healthier eating), Paula has become an inspirational figurehead to all those around her. She has lost 3st 9lb and dropped 3 dress sizes in just a few months!

After using her voucher, Paula says that regular activity helped her learn to stay focused, learn from other people, share experiences and support each other. She says;

“In the long term you will appreciate the benefits”.


Amanda joined a Couch to 5k in October 2016, in the hope that it would fit into her busy schedule.

It completely changed her life, not only did she complete her 5k run in December 2016, but she went on the complete the Bristol 10k in May 2017 & then two half-marathons, one in September & one in November 2017.

"I have completely fallen in love with running. I also lost 3 stone in health has improved greatly and I have a much more positive attitude".

Amanda loved the encouragement and guidance she received, and the other participants in her group were fantastic. So much so, that a small group of them still meet up to run every week!


Emma joined after she was tagged in a comment made on Facebook. She shared this with a small group of friends and some chose to attend a Zumba class. One class Emma found wasn't for her, so she tried another and was blown away!

"Part of the beauty of the scheme was it allowed you to try different activities".

Emma and her friends got hooked on the latin-style dance exercise and became fully paying members and since have barely missed a class since.

"There are all ages, shapes and sizes enjoying regular exercise and having fun together...the instructors were so welcoming and friendly, the class atmosphere was brilliant".

Emma has made new friends and they've enjoyed several social events together outside of the class.

"I was doing no regular exercise before. I am overweight and I am working on this but I now have the confidence to feel accepted and part of an exercise group".

Emma's class and her spoooooky friends!


Laura used her vouchers to attend a Buggy Fit group in Filton. Even though the classes unfortunately had to stop, Laura has been doing exercise on her own, using YouTube videos while her son is napping (yoga, pilates and HIIT) as well as regularly walking 2-4 miles with her dog most days. She also occasionally goes swimming, and takes her son with her! Laura is now expecting her second child so she's been conscious to maintain a good level of activity while managing pregnancy symptoms.

"Life's always a balance but I really appreciated the 'kick up the bum' for getting me started at buggy fit classes!"


Jenny (71) decided to get active after being encouraged by another participant, Kate, in a local supermarket. Although she was anxious, she joined 60+ Fitness at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre. One year on, and Jenny is still attending her classes!

"My voucher helped me look differently at fitness and eating healthily... sometimes I walk a mile to the leisure centre, do my exercises and then walk home"

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Zoe used her vouchers to start swimming again.

"It helped me both physically and mentally, and I have been able to regain my life back"

Zoe is now successfully back into employment with improved fitness, and is looking to sign up as a full gym member, well done Zoe!

Eddie & Jackie

Eddie and Jackie both used the gym at Elite Fitness in Thornbury. Although it hasn't been consistent activity due to illness, this dynamic duo have enjoyed being active so much that they purchased an exercise bike for their home; now they can be active whenever they like!


Since introducing activity into his routine, Tom has been playing Just Play Football at least once a week, and is so motivated that he also takes part in the weekly 5k parkrun!


Adam used his vouchers to join a Couch to 5K group. For Adam, using the vouchers helped change his attitude to exercise - "I tended to find excuses if it was too cold or raining, but if it's a set day and time in my diary then I have to turn up". Since finishing his vouchers, Adam has completed a mini duathalon, and has a short run once a week during his lunch break.

"I've kept the running going, it's not massive distances but it's better than sitting in a chair wishing I could do it"


Christine joined to boost her fitness and keep her body mobile, so she used her vouchers to go swimming. even though she's finished using her vouchers, Christine still absolutely loves going swimming at Filton Leisure Centre, and said she couldn't believe at how nice all of the staff were to everyone.

"They were so accommodating and friendly, I always look forward to going swimming at Filton and would recommend it to anyone!"

Pauline & Mary

Pauline (63 years old) and Mary (70 years old) joined our Couch 2 a Mile session in March 2017 at Emersons Green. Neither had run before but decided to give it a go. Over the seven weeks both Pauline and Mary have built up from a very gentle walk to running for a minute and a half, with a minutes rest and then repeating this until they have covered a mile.


Leanne is a single mum and her child has cerebral palsy. She has managed to find the time and space to participate and complete in the Staple Hill Couch to 5K.

Leanne and her friends


Sarah (60+ years old) had previously suffered with depression and wanted to stop her weight gain. She joined the Couch to 5K and has been able to increase her social contacts and is also feeling good about herself.

running friends
Sarah and her friends


Sandra came to the group having never run before and felt that she needed to do some exercise on a regular basis after being diagnosed with Leukaemia. Sandra has been part of the Couch to 5K and more recently has become part of a social running group.

“It has given me stamina, socialisation, friendship, empowerment, enjoyment, and faith in myself that all things are possible.” 

The group has become good friends and recently the ladies from the group took Sandra out for her 50th birthday.


If you would like to share your story with us or would like to speak about Active in Life please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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