Children in care given greater voice in ‘Just ask us’ videos

Children in care have been asked to talk honestly and openly in front of the camera about how they want to interact with social workers.

A series of short videos are being produced to reinforce the messages of ‘Just Ask Us’ and ‘Keep on Asking Us’ as part of a training programme for social workers.

The videos are focussed on how young people feel, where and how they want to talk about their lives and how they want their care planning to work. The intention is that they will help social workers (and wider council staff) adapt their working practices to better communicate and support children in care.

Young people aged from 10 to 23 took part in an afternoon of filming during a Children in Care Council meeting. In group discussions, they openly praised the work of social workers, agreeing that it must be a tough job where ‘a lot happens.’ They described their own social workers as loyal, caring, welcoming, helpful and friendly.

Children in Care council members also had the chance to role-play the best and worst scenarios for LAC reviews, taking it in turns to be foster carers and social workers.

The original film concept was put forward by Children in Care Council members when they created a storyboard about how they were feeling. As part of the children in care satisfaction survey 2015, the young people said they wanted to know their feelings and thoughts had been truly listened to and that their voices had been recorded.