Could you care for James?

Sometimes, children are unable to return to live with their family and will either be placed with adopters or looked after by foster carers until they reach adulthood. Providing stability, care and support throughout childhood is one of the most rewarding aspects of long term foster care, helping vulnerable children grow into happy and secure young adults.

James* is an energetic 13 year-old boy with a huge sense of humour and a need for a long-term foster family who can provide him with love, fun and encouragement as he grows.

James is a loveable boy who’s filled with energy and loves sports and is especially fond of football and cricket.   He is very creative and loves building things, one moment he may be building a den in the garden for an imaginary adventure and the next he may be thinking about teenage activities like music and films.

James needs a foster family who can provide a warm and caring home, giving him consistency and a secure base. His foster family will be able to show him they understand his past, accept him as he is, and give him hope for his future, and give him the guidance he needs to make healthy choices about his food, family and friends. James would like a foster family who share some of his interests and will support him with his education and activities.

Caring for James will be very rewarding, if, at times, exhausting.  To assist you, we will provide a comprehensive package including an existing and dedicated multi-professional ‘team around the foster family’, a mentor for James, extra help with activities and respite, and on-going training and therapeutic support.

If you have the time, love and patience to care for James and would like to find out more, please fill in our Online Enquiry Form, call the Fostering Team on 01454 866423 or join us at one of our Fostering Information Sessions.