James Bowrey

Memorial: Hanham - High Street

Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Rank and number: Sergeant Air Gunner. Number 1174321

Parents: Benjamin and Lilian Bowrey

Home address: 8 Launceston Avenue, Hanham

Pre-war occupation: Shop assistant in Co-op Hanham.

Place of birth: Newtown, St Philips, Bristol.

Date of death: 14/09/1942

Buried/Commemorated at: Avon View Cemetery, Bristol

Age: 22

Further information:

James Bowrey attended Hannah Moore School and sang in Holy Trinity Church Choir. He left school at 14 years old. He was a long term friend of Kenneth Bowler who also died in WW2.
He and his family moved to Hanham in 1936.

By kind permission, this information is based on the following source(s):

This information is based by kind permission on the following source.
1) Booklet ‘Not Just a Name on Stone’ by Hanham Local History Society
2) Thanks to Mr R Crew and Mrs. M Antill of Hanham Local History society for their help
3) Researcher: Jo Hurst, volunteer for South Gloucestershire in the Second World War Project