Alfred James Stone

Memorial: Hanham - High Street

Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Medals: 1939–45 Star, War Medal 1939–1945

Rank and number: Sergeant Pilot 1314877

Parents: Isaac (William) and Florence Stone

Marital status: Married

Home address: Monkton Road, Hanham, Bristol

Pre-war occupation: Electrician at Rolls Royce

Date of birth: 1916

Date of death: 13/11/1942

Buried/Commemorated at: Hanham (Christ Church) Churchyard (Grave H.2.), Bristol

Age: 26

Further information:

Alfred was known as Jim, he attended school in St Philips. Before he moved to Hanham he lived at 46 Roseberry Road, Redfield, Bristol. He and his wife were very good ice skaters and dancers. Jim rode a motorcycle and was always full of fun. They lived at Monkton Road with Harry Grubb who was an ex Bristol Rovers goal keeper. Jim was an electrician at Rolls Royce, Filton and after the bombing raid in Filton, he volunteered for service but was refused as he had a reserved occupation. However he was later called up and travelled to Cambridge for his medical in 1941. He later went to Canada where he gained his wings. On returning to England, he was stationed at RAF Booker, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. In a letter to Les Marsh his best man, he describes his training in a Tiger Moth with an instructor. Climbing to 4,000 feet, the instructor put the nose down and went into a spin. This was followed by several loop the loops until Jim had to tell the instructor that he felt sick. After several more flights he overcame this malady. On another occasion when flying over Windsor, he got lost and it took him over an hour before he found his way back to base. He later went to Hougham, near Grantham in Lincolnshire. His wife often visited him and on the fateful day, he went for a training flight after Winnie had left for home. Even before she arrived home, his aircraft caught a slipstream and crashed and he was killed. His body was brought back to Temple Meads Station by train and a few days later he was buried in Christ Church, Hanham. At the time of her bereavement, Winnie hated the sight of the RAF uniform, but later joined the WRAF. She later moved to Los Angeles, California, USA

By kind permission, this information is based on the following source(s):

This information is based by kind permission on the following sources:
1) Booklet ‘Not Just a Name on Stone’ by Hanham Local History Society
2) Thanks to Mr R Crew and Mrs. M Antill of Hanham Local History society for their help
3) Jo Hurst, Volunteer researcher for the Second World War Stories Project