Christopher Sydney Gingell

Memorial: Badminton Memorial Hall - Hayes Lane

Regiment: Royal Artillery

Medals: 1939–45 Star, War Medal 1939–1945

Rank and number: Gunner 1714916

Parents: Sidney George and Hannah Rose Gingell

Home address: Sodbury Road, Badminton, Gloucestershire. He lived at Easton Town Farm, Sherston, Wilts

Pre-war occupation: Valet

Date of birth: 25/12/1910

Place of birth: Bristol

Date of death: 27/11/1942

Buried/Commemorated at: His ashes are buried at Yokohama Cremation Memorial in a communal urn together with those of 334 other service men who died as POWs in Japan.

Age: 31

Further information:

15 Battalion, 6 H.A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Army.

Christopher was the son of a general labourer and 1 of 7 children, having 4 sisters and 2 brothers. His regiment fought in the Battle of France, was evacuated from Dunkirk, defended London and the Midlands in the Battle of Britain and was later sent to the Middle East where ill-equipped and facing overwhelming odds they were captured in Java on 12th March 1942. In April 1942 Christopher and other Allied POWS were sent to Japan to supplement the Japanese work force which was running short of manpower. He died 8 months later in a POW camp where disease and malnutrition claimed over 10% of allied prisoners.

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This information has been provided by Sarah Hands, Volunteer Researcher for the South Gloucestershire War Memorials Web Site.
By kind permission, this information is based on the following source(s):,_Royal_Artillery