Yate - Parnall Second World War Memorial, St Mary's Church

This is a memorial to those killed in aerial attacks on the Parnall aircraft factory in Yate in February and March 1941. It is a rare example as it is dedicated to civilians rather than service personnel.

With thanks to Yate and District Heritage Centre for this information.

The monument is Grade 2 listed and is made from Portland Stone.

The citation on the British Building listing states:
On 27th February 1941 at 1436hrs a Heinkel He111 piloted by Oberleutnant Herman Lohman dropped seven 250kgs high explosive bombs on the Parnall Aircraft Factory, Yate. A number of the bombs had time delayed fuses therefore some did not explode until ten minutes after having been dropped, increasing the number of casualties. 52 people were killed in the raid including three who were never identified. A further raid on 7th March 1941 resulted in the deaths of three people. Subsequently, eight of the victims were buried in St Mary’s churchyard, Yate, and in February 1950 this memorial monument to all of those who lost their lives in the attacks was unveiled on the site.

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Parnall War Memorial
St. Mary's Church
Church Road
Yate BS37 5BG

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Yate - Parnall Second World War Memorial, St Mary's Church