Building regulations – what do they mean for you?

Building Control inspection

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make. Throughout your lifetime you may want to undertake alterations, improvements and possibly add an extension to your home, and the various permissions you require can be very confusing.

There are many situations where you may not need planning permission, however despite the much publicised relaxing of planning laws you will still need to obtain building regulations approval prior to beginning work. Creating a new ensuite bathroom, knocking through the dining room into the kitchen, re-roofing (even if you’re not replacing tiles), and installing new windows are a few examples of the types of work that require building regulations consent.

What if you decide to sell your home? If you have carried out work on your home that required building regulations, but you have failed to obtain the relevant consents and certificates, then you are going to encounter problems completing the sale of your house.

Our Building Control team provide a not for profit, friendly and locally based inspection service to ensure that all new extensions, conversions, renovations, and internal alterations are going to be completed to the correct standards using the right materials. Once the works are finished you will have peace of mind with a local authority completion certificate, which is often asked for by solicitors when selling a property.

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