Derek Gordon Morris

Memorial: Mangotsfield - St James Place

Regiment: Gloucestershire Regiment

Medals: Korea Medal

Rank and number: Private 22315901

Parents: Laura Morris

Marital status: Single

Home address: Cossham Street, Mangotsfield, Bristol

Pre-war occupation: Not known

Date of birth: 20/10/1931

Place of birth: Cossham Street, Mangotsfield, Bristol

Date of death: 25/04/1951

Buried/Commemorated at: UK Memorial Cemetery, Pusan, South Korea

Age: 19

Further information:

Served in 1st Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment attached to 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles. Killed in the Battle of the Imjin River during the Korean War.

By kind permission, this information is based on the following source(s):

Birth certificate, Battalion Records, Western Daily Press, 'Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum', David Blackmore