April 2020 update

Superfast Broadband Phase 3A and Phase 3B The Phase 3 Superfast Broadband Project completed on 31 March 2020. More than 2,300 premises across South Gloucestershire now have access to superfast fibre broadband as a result of the Phase 3 Project, which will now be known as Phase 3A. More good news is that the [...]

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October 2019 update

Phase 3 fibre broadband deployment across South Gloucestershire continues to make good progress, with a number of areas now able to access superfast fibre broadband as a result of the project. Openreach will continue with the work over the coming months, with Phase 3 deployment due to complete in June 2020. You can check [...]

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June 19 update

We are continuing to work with our partners Openreach on our Phase 3 fibre broadband rollout. We are working through some contractual processes with Openreach and Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), and looking at those areas where broadband coverage needs to be improved, to see what solutions are available.We’ve so far provided superfast broadband access to [...]

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Deployment plan agreed: Broadband rollout to continue shortly

Following the agreement of a new deployment plan, in coordination with our partner, BT Openreach, we will resume groundworks to bring superfast broadband to more rural areas across South Gloucestershire from late April. We have already delivered broadband access to 96% of the local population, but are committed to our target of 100% fibre [...]

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Better Broadband extended

The Better Broadband Scheme has been extended and will continue to run until 31 December 2019. Through the scheme, residents and businesses with broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps (megabits per second) can apply for a voucher to help with the costs associated with an improved broadband solution. The voucher of up to £350 [...]

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Completion of phase 2 Superfast Extension Programme

We are pleased to confirm that the Phase 2 Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) has now been completed. Following on from the Phase 1 Superfast Broadband Project, which delivered superfast broadband to more than 18,000 homes and businesses in South Gloucestershire, the Phase 2 SEP has continued to push fibre broadband across the area and [...]

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Broadband rollout update: April 18

Over the past month we have been working hard with our partner Openreach and Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) to resolve some of the more complex issues we’ve experienced as part of phase 2 of the fibre broadband deployment, which have delayed the rollout in some areas. Whilst the issues are complex, good progress has [...]

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Broadband rollout update: March 18

To date, working with our partner, BT Openreach, we’ve made significant progress in bringing faster broadband to more and more parts of South Gloucestershire, with over 20,000 homes and businesses now able to access superfast fibre broadband. However, with an infrastructure project of this size and complexity, we will inevitably sometimes experience unforeseen setbacks [...]

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Broadband rollout update: February 18

Work is progressing and over the last month we’ve delivered fibre in Almondsbury, Chipping Sodbury, Downend, Thornbury, Totteroak and Wickwar. Once fibre has been laid, residents should contact their chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to see what broadband speeds and packages are available to them. Important: Not all premises within these areas will [...]

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