Solar farms on the way

solar panels

We are about to begin construction of two solar photovoltaic (PV) farms – one next to the council offices on Badminton Road in Yate, and the other at Moorend, off the Bromley Heath Road, near to the M4.

The solar farm on Badminton Road will be connected to the Badminton Road council offices and supply approximately 247,000 kWh of energy which will enable our main office to be largely self-sufficient in its energy requirements. The solar farm at Moorend will be connected directly to the national grid and will produce a peak power output of 748,000 kWh. When combined, the energy from both sites will save the equivalent of over 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and provide the equivalent energy consumption of over 330 houses.

The construction programme will begin at Badminton Road during September and should be completed by mid-November, the Moorend solar farm will be completed soon afterwards.