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Faster broadband at home means the whole family can be online at the same time – accessing more online services, keeping in touch with family and friends, enjoying higher quality music and video entertainment, sharing and viewing photos, and learning online.

A faster and more reliable internet connection also means you can work from home more effectively, quickly share large files with colleagues and customers and improve and expand your business.

Here are some examples of different broadband speeds and examples of what they are suitable for. Superfast broadband is defined as an access line speed of greater than 24 Mbps. For more information on what this means refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Broadband speed

This speed is suitable for…

250K to 1.5Mbps

Basic e-mail, web browsing

1.5 to 3Mbps

Streaming music, standard definition video, remote surveillance, telecommuting

3 to 6Mbps

File sharing (small/medium files), internet TV (iPlayer, 4OD etc)

6 to 10Mbps

Online gaming, streaming movies online, instant web page loading

10 to 25Mbps

Telemedicine, remote education, High Definition (HD) internet TV

25 to 50Mbps

HD video surveillance

50 to 100Mbps

Video conferencing(multiple users), remote supercomputing

100Mbps +

Real-time data collection, real-time medical image consultation