Feeling good

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Doing things that make us feel good can help us to be calmer or distract us from something that’s worrying us. You will know what works for you, but this could include:

  • Having a bath
  • Going for a walk
  • Calling a friend
  • Listening to music
  • Watching a film
  • Being creative

www.start2.co.uk  is an online resource where you can use your natural creative skills to improve your wellbeing. Pick from dozens of creative activities designed for you by experts in the field of arts and health.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing: there are five steps that have been proven to give a boost to our wellbeing:

  1. Connect – this is about feeling close to other people; our family, friends, neighbours, classmates, and teachers. Taking time to talk to people can improve our relationships which are critical for our wellbeing.
  2. Be active – exercise is essential for our wellbeing. You don’t have to run marathons; exercise includes walking, having a kick-about, stretching and playing.
  3. Learn – learning can make us feel good about ourselves. This can include things as simple as finding out something about a friend, reading a book, or learning a new word.
  4. Give – helping others has benefits for ourselves as well as the people we’re helping. Try calling a friend who you know if going through a hard time at the moment.
  5. Notice – being aware of what is happening in the present enhances our wellbeing. This can include noticing how we’re feeling as well as what’s going on around us. For example, next time you eat something really try to be aware of every flavour, smell, colour and texture of the food.