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This page contains information specific to schools. For more information please look at the other pages in the professionals’ section.

‘We’re Only Human’ is a video for teachers. Young people in Plymouth share their thoughts and stories about mental health. Commissioned by Plymouth Council and produced by young people as part of their ongoing engagement in an emotional health and wellbeing project. Young people have given their permission for the video to be shared as appropriate.

South Gloucestershire Resources

A list of school mental health leads is held by public health: email

Educational Psychology: supports early years’ settings, schools and colleges to meet the needs of children and young people with a wide range of special educational needs and social, emotional and mental health needs –

Health in Schools Programme – local award scheme for health promotion Download a Health in Schools flyer

Inclusion support (Integra): specialist advice, professional development and practical solutions to support schools with the teaching of pupils with SEND (£ cost involved)  –

Primary school resilience workshops (availability limited) –

Secondary school resilience

South Gloucestershire school mental health

National Resources

BBC Bitesize Smart Revision

Jigsaw PSHE: the mindful approach to PSHE, a comprehensive scheme of learning for Foundation Stage to Year 6 -(£ cost involved)

Measurement and monitoring toolkit:

Media Smart: the advertising literacy programme for 7 to 16 year olds. Creates educational materials for schools and youth organisations, teachers and guardians to help young people think critically about the advertising they come across in their daily lives –

Mentally Healthy Schools brings together quality-assured information, advice and resources to help primary schools understand and promote children’s mental health and wellbeing. Aims to increase staff awareness, knowledge and confidence to help  support pupils.

PSHE Association mental health teaching resources –

PSHE Association, Body

PSHE Association, Character

Dove body image resources:

Public Health England: Rise

[Archived] Social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) –

Schools in Mind Network:

Talking mental health: animation and teacher

Time to and

Training and PSHE networks: via

Samaritans DEAL

YoungMinds The Resilient

Bristol Healthy Schools, list of guidance and resources:

Evidence-based interventions guidebook, including FRIENDS, Nurture Groups, and the Penn Resilience Programme UK: