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    • Promoting positive youth mental health – 1 day introductory course on mental health awareness, suitable for all professionals
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid – 2 day course on spotting the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and providing initial support
    • Parents and carers workshops – ‘Train the trainer’ course
  • Free training courses delivered by CAMHS:
    • Mind out – 1-day children and young people’s mental health awareness; when to be concerned and how to refer to CAMHS; risk and resilience; common mental health issues; tools and resources
    • 3 hour modules – Anxiety in 5-11 year olds: anxiety, social phobia and school refusal, ADHD and ASC in schools, urgent mental health concerns, low mood and depression, self-harm and suicide, trauma and bereavement, body image and eating issues
  • MindEd free education resource for adults, including ‘Learning Paths’ for schools and mental health leads –