Concerned about an adult?

01454 868007 ‐ Monday to Friday 9am ‐ 5pm

01454 615165 ‐ Out of hours and at weekends

In an emergency please ring 999

Concerned about a child?

01454 866000 ‐ Monday to Thursday 9am ‐ 5pm

01454 866000 ‐ Friday 9am ‐ 4.30pm

01454 615165 ‐ Out of hours and at weekends

In an emergency please ring 999

Early help

What is Early Help?

Early Help means getting additional, timely and effective support to children, young people and families who need it. It aims to enable children to flourish and to prevent costly, long term and negative outcomes.

Early Help can refer to support in the critical early years of a child’s life (including pre-birth and pregnancy), but can cover any age when difficulties begin to emerge. This approach enables interventions to take place before critical thresholds are crossed, and pathways become much more irreversible for young people.

Early Help aims to significantly improve the outcomes for children, young people and families. In order to do this, it relies on local agencies working together to identify and assess individual needs, and provide targeted support for these.

More information

* BRAND NEW* Mapping Tool

This South Gloucestershire Council mapping tool supports the identification of services that support children, young people and families. We know that finding out what is available to support children and families can be challenging. We hope this will be an excellent signposting tool for professionals and members of the public.

Access the Mapping Tool here