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Concerned about a child?

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In an emergency please ring 999

Staying safe on the roads

South Gloucestershire Council has a Road Safety Team that regularly visits schools and colleges. If you want information on being a cyclist, passenger, car driver or even walking and crossing roads, speak to a teacher at your school and ask them to contact us.

Keeping yourself safe when you are on your way to school is really important. We can come into your school and take an assembly or lesson to give you information about how to stay safe when walking, cycling or being a passenger in a car. If you have concerns about drink or drugs as either a passenger or driver we can come into your school and deliver a session.


Be Bright, Be Seen

It is very important to make sure that you can be seen. We encourage you to wear something bright and take extra care when out and about near roads, especially as it gets darker outside.

Think about the following:

  • Being bright (so that you can be seen easily)
  • The difference between fluorescent (something e.g. clothing that looks bright) and reflective (something which reflects the light)
  • Weather (it is more difficult to be seen in the dark or when the weather is bad e.g heavy rain)
  • Safe places to cross (e.g. pedestrian crossing)

The road safety team are also able to come in to your school to talk about scooter safety (year 2); bikeability training, which aims to improve your cycle skills and confidence (year 3 -7) and many other aspects of staying safe on the roads and when out and about.

There are different levels of Bikeability cycle training depending on your age, they range from a 2 hour session for year 3 children, a two day session for year 5 and above children and a half day course for year 7 and above children.

We can also talk to you about recycling old bikes, the changes you may find between travelling to primary and secondary school and how to fix and maintain your bike.